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First Monday Trade Days at Canton, May 1, 2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 10:00am
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We had a blast! There were 20 TIAA members and guests who boarded a large, comfortable bus at the Dallas Texins Activity Center and headed to Canton on Thursday, May 1, to tour First Monday Trade Days.  (Yes, it wasn't Monday but we wanted to be there early to snap up all of those bargains.)  This is advertised as "the world's largest flea market" and we believe it.  We had a beautiful, clear day around 70 degrees.  The wisest thing some of us did was to rent a scooter ($8/hour) because all of the roads and paths over the 400 acres were neat, clean and paved. We saw everything from brass knuckle paper weights (it's illegal to sell brass knuckles) to crystal glass chandeliers, 6' tall roosters, gourds in all colors of the rainbow, lots of blooming plants and a stuffed half-goat to hang on your wall! We also enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, funnel cake and delicious home-made ice cream cones!  After about four hours of fun, we headed home with lots of stories for our families about the things we saw as well as lots of things we saw.  We have already decided to schedule another trip there next spring so plan to join us.