Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  How can I get a TI retiree badge?

A.  A TI retiree badge is required on many of our activities; so, if you need a replacement badge, you can obtain one by calling HR at 1-888-660-1411 option #3. HR will verify that you are a TI retiree and forward the information to the TI Badge Room, which will prepare a replacement badge and mail it to your home address. 


Q.  Who can access information on the Member Directory?

A.  Some sections of our website are for members only in order to protect confidential information.  If you are a former TIer, you may join TIAA, logon to your account and then check on your friends.

Q.  What personal information appears on the Member Directory?

A.  It depends on what the TIAA member permits.  If the retiree is alive, the name, city, state and country is the default information but the member can also choose to display their address, phone number(s), email address and the last location worked at TI.  If the retiree is deceased, only the name appears along with the date of death and an obituary link (if available).  

Q.  How does a member control what personal information appears on the Member Directory?

A.  A member that is logged on may click on My Account in the upper right-hand corner of the Home page, click on Edit TIAA Member Profile and then select what is to be displayed.  If a member does not have Internet access, please call our office (214-567-8444) and our Admin will make the changes for you.

Q.  How do I find things on this website?

A.  Our website index along with helpful hints can be found by clicking Index.


Q.   I’m having trouble accessing a link or performing a function on the TIAA website. 

A.   If this is happening, the first thing you should do is upgrade your browser to the latest version.  If you are not sure what browser you are using, or you want to change to a different browser, click browsers.  Links to upgrade the most widely used browsers are:

Q.  I’m still having trouble accessing the website.

A.  If you continue to have trouble even after installing the latest version of your browser, it may be caused by an older version of Windows, such as XP which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Click Windows to see what version of Windows you are using.  If it is Windows XP, our tests show that the Chrome browser can successfully access the TIAA website. 

Q.  Why must I click on a PDF file twice in order to view it?

A.  Some browsers require an add-in to handle PDFs easily.  For instance, Opera needs an Opera PDF Extension app installed before you can have a PDF file appear with only one click.

Q.  How can I tell when I need to renew my membership?

A.  Log on and then click on Renew on the front page.  In the box located under the TIAA address you will see your renewal date.  You will also automatically receive renewal messages in your inbox two weeks before your membership expires and again on the date your membership expires.

Q.  How can I apply for matching funds from the TI Foundation?

A.  If you click on on TI Foundation, the instructions on how to register and apply for matching funds for education or art organizations will be displayed.

Q.  How do I register a guest(s) for an event?

A.  On the appropriate registration screen, change the number of attendees to the number of people who will be attending (including you).  Complete your own details and then hit the continue button located at the bottom of the page.  Complete the screen for your guest, including price.  If more than one guest, press the Continue button until all your guests are registered.  You may then pay by credit card or use the pay later option.  NOTE: you are not registered until the event is paid.


Q.  I forgot my password.

A.  Type in your User ID (your TI employee number) and press Enter on your computer. An error message will be returned asking if you want your password send to the email address on your record. Click on the error message link, fill out the short form and press Enter — the email will be in your email box in a few minutes.

Q.  Why is the little green lock and the Texins Association Clubs on the URL address?

A.  The green lock signifies that your info is encrypted before it is sent over the Internet to PayPal.  The Texins Association is the legal entity sponsoring this organization’s security certificate.  

Q.  I receive a security warning saying there is a problem with this website’s security when I try to log on.

A.  Older Windows software and web browsers, i.e., Internet Explorer, do not handle Server Name Indication (SNI) properly so this screen appears.  The vast majority of the browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) will handle the connection properly and protect your securty so you will not see this warning.  Plus, they are free so you might consider switching browsers.

Texas Instruments

Q.  Where can I find info on major historical events at TI?

A.  The TI Timeline on their website should provide the information you need.

Q.  Where can I see the TI stock prices?

A.  Information on TI stock prices and dividends are available for many time periods on the TI website.



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