Travel Committee

TIAA Travels

The TIAA Travel & Events subcommittee sponsors and promotes travel and events which may be attractive to TIAA members who are interested in travel and socialization with former TIers. An objective for each sponsored event is to break even; i.e., only charge an amount designed to cover the estimated expenses.

This subcommittee normally meets on the first Monday of every month at 10:30 a.m. to consider new events.  We welcome suggestions from our members and you may send any recommendations to the TIAA office.  Currently, the Activities Committee is composed of these members:

Marilyn Adams
Denise Boyston
Greg Boyston
Jerry Brandenburg, Co-chair
Ronnie Brandenburg, Co-chair
Jon Campbell
Dale German
Delores German
Jessica Stewart
Gary Stopani
Linda Stopani

You are invited to join us in future events.

Upcoming events are listed in the Travel calendar

Photos of past events are listed in the Travel slideshows

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