Travel Committee

Be Adventurous and Travel With Us!

The TIAA Travel & Events subcommittee sponsors and promotes travel and events which may be attractive to TIAA members who are interested in travel and socialization with former TIers. An objective for each sponsored event is to break even; i.e., only charge an amount designed to cover the estimated expenses. You are invited to join us in future events.

This subcommittee normally meets on the first Monday of every month at 10:00 am. to consider new events.  We welcome suggestions from our members and you may send any recommendations to the TIAA office.  Currently, the Travel & Events Subcommittee is composed of these members:

  • Marilyn Adams
  • Annzelle Boswell, Chair
  • Denise Boyston
  • Greg Boyston
  • Dale German
  • Tammy Hernandez
  • Phyllis Slaughter
  • Gary Stopani
  • Linda Stopani

Unless otherwise indicated, please register at least seven days prior to TIAA’s Travel events. If there is a cost, payment (online via PayPal or by check only) must be at TIAA’s office at least seven days prior to event or the next person on the waiting list will be contacted to take your place. You can mail a check to TIAA, PO Box 740181, Dallas, TX 75374. Trips leave from Texins Activity Center on the Expressway site unless otherwise noted. 

Upcoming events are listed in the Travel Calendar.  TIAA members may register themselves and their guests online and receive an electronic acknowledgement by first logging on to this website, clicking on Travel Calendar, selecting the event to join, clicking on Event Registration Page, clicking on Register Now and filling in the blanks.  Or, you may contact the TIAA office via email or phone 214-567-8444.

Photos of past events are listed in Slideshows.


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