Membership Committee




Membership Development

The Membership Development Committee is a standing committee whose primary mission is to increase TIAA membership from the TI retiree and former TIer ranks and to retain members once they have joined. A secondary goal is to strengthen links to TI-related partner groups (such as retired and former TIers who meet regularly).

Helping TIAA Members

The Membership Committee is a standing committee established within the Bylaws of TIAA.  Its mission is to oversee, report on, and make recommendations for all membership-related activities of TIAA and to provide periodic membership status updates to the TIAA Executive Committee. This Committee, along with the TIAA Administrator, and the TIAA Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for maintaining communications with members regarding their membership and renewals, tracking membership trends with updates to the TIAA Executive Committee, helping identify additional member benefits to make the organization more valuable to members, and maintaining the integrity of association membership records.

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