Education Committee


On-Going Education

The TIAA Education Sub-Committee plans, coordinates, and delivers informational programs and seminars on topics of interest to TIAA members and former TIers. There are also outside sources of education available that can be viewed on our website under the Education tab.

There may be a fee to participate in any TIAA seminar/event when there are expenses associated with the program. Registration is required seven days before the event so that we can plan for food, refreshments, and supplies as may be the case.

If warranted, the Education Committee will meet at 11:00 am on the first Wednesday of the month. We welcome suggestions from our members. Please, send any recommendations to

Currently, the members of this committee are (we need additional ones):

  • Larry James
  • Tamra Hernandez
  • Tarek Radjef, Chair
  • Shyamal Parikh
  • Max Post


All TIAA members and their guests, as well as all former TIers, are invited to enjoy seminar presentations and slideshows of past TIAA events and to consider joining us in future events. Members may register online and receive an electronic acknowledgment by first logging on to this website, clicking Education Calendar, selecting the event to join, clicking on Event Registration Page, clicking on Register Now, and filling in the blanks.  Or, you may contact the TIAA office via email or phone at 214-567-8444.  Nonmembers should contact the TIAA office via email or phone at 214-567-8444.




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