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Newsletter Delivery Preference

Communication with our members is a high priority for TIAA and we consider the TI Alumni News quarterly newsletter to be one of the benefits of TIAA membership. Several years ago, we offered members a "green" newsletter-delivery option, encouraging members to choose electronic instead of postal delivery. This helps the environment and saves printing and mailing costs. Over one-third of our members have chosen electronic delivery and they automatically receive notification when the online newsletter is available.  


New Texas Car Inspection/Registration Sticker

Starting March 1, 2015, Texas will implement a new car inspection/registration sticker program. In the future, Texans will need only one windshield sticker on our cars to indicate both vehicle inspection and registration. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has prepared an informative, easy-to-understand and entertaining video to explain the new program and special first-year transition rules. Click here  to view the Two Steps, One Sticker video.

TI Engineer Wins Academy Award

Dr. Larry Hornbeck will receive an Academy Award of Merit at the  Academy's 2015 Scientific and Technical Awards presentation for his invention of the digital micromirror devices (DMD) chip. In announcing the award, the Academy said that this invention "is the core technology that has enabled Texas Instruments' DLP Cinema projection to become the standard of the motion picture industry."  According to TI, motion pictures are now viewed worldwide on nearly 117,000 award-winning TI DLP Cinema® projectors.