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TIAA members visited the Dallas Federal Bank on January 17, 2018.

Everyone learned about our essential federal banking system and had a great time, too!!


Dallas Federal Reserve Bank Tour on January 17

The subfreezing temperatures didn't keep 20 hardy TIAA members and guests from registering for a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank in Uptown Dallas.  Their building was finished in 1992, has 17 floors and contains a vault full of money that is loaned to other banks in the 11th district.  This area includes parts of southern New Mexico, Texas and upper Louisiana which explains why, when Houston called right after Hurricane Harvey and said "We need $500M", Dallas could say "Send the armored truck tomorrow -- it will be ready."  We cleared security without a hitch and took a


TIAA is pleased to announce that Linda Stopani is our selection for the 2017 Volunteer of the Year award. Linda has been a member of TIAA for 9 years.

On the morning of November 14, five TIAA volunteers gathered to work a service project for Readers2Leaders located in west Dallas. Readers2Leaders develops and grows the reading skills of underserved Dallas children ages 3 through 12 so that they succeed in school and graduate

On a bright and cool day when comments such as "awesome" and "perfect" were used to describe the weather, some 86 golfers teed off for the 18th Annual TIAA Charity Golf Tournament at the Woodbridge Golf Club in Wylie, TX.  

"Impressive" was the comment most uttered after 19 TIAA members toured the new Parkland Hospital on August 15, 2017.  This is the third Parkland Hospital to be built in Dallas County and they have come far from a wood-frame building in 1894 to this $1.7 billion modern structure -- up sixteen stor

On July 18, over 90 TIAA members and guests visited the newly remodeled Plano Event Center to attend an informative seminar, focusing on Consumer Tips for Security and Savings.

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