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Many TI retirees attended the two TI Health Insurance Seminars.


TI Health Insurance Seminar, October 23, 2018

On October 23, 2018, two seminars were held at the Plano Event Center in Plano, TX to discuss TI health insurance plans, Social Security info and medical changes that would be of interest to TI retirees.  The first one was at 10am for pre-65 TI retirees and there were about 100 in attendance who enjoyed the goodies furnished by TI before the meeting began.  The second one was at 1:30 pm for Medicare-eligible TI retirees and around 385 came to hear the news, ask questions about health insurance plans and to partake in TI's refreshments.


Through the TI Foundation, TI retirees have long had the ability to match their donations to charitable organizations in education and arts, as well as United Way.

Her influence was monumental. Her manner was unassuming. Her generosity was legendary. And her smile was unforgettable. At 106, Margaret Milam McDermott was the personification of purpose. She died Thursday, leaving a decades-long legacy of giving and community involvement.

The TIAA Golf Tournament served as a kick-off to the TI United Way Campaign, as some 92 golfers teed off for the 19th annual event at the Woodbridge Golf Club in Wyle, TX.

TIAA is pleased to announce that TI’s “Perks at Work” program has been extended to former TIers  who are also current members of TIAA.

OneExchange, the service TI retirees use to gain post-65 health insurance coverage and/or manage RRA reimbursements, has officially changed its name to Via Benefits. 

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