The Scams, Frauds and Identity Theft program was held at the Texins Fitness Center Wednesday February 24, 2024

Feb 27, 2024

The Scams, Frauds and Identity Theft program was held at the Texins Fitness Center Wednesday, February 24, 2024
and animated by Gretchen Feinhals, Senior Source Director of RSVP
Financial fraud occurs every 15 seconds. Scammers are sophisticated. They find minimal details about you online, from your mail, or someone you know. They use these details to create stories and scenarios that seem real or at least possible to get you to fall for their scam.

Gretchen related examples of other common scenarios to which many seniors may be exposed. She recommended being on the alert any time one receives a suspicious or unwanted communication (phone or email). She also talked about Medicare fraud, a sixty billion dollar hit on the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

She also informed the audience about a recent program created by the Senior Source to help prevent Medicare fraud: the Senior Medicare Patrol (888-341-6187) for seniors to protect, detect, and report Medicare Fraud, Error, and Abuse.

Thank you again, Gretchen.

The event was well attended, and everyone enjoyed the ‘Box Lunch’ (choice of ham, turkey, tuna, and vegan sandwiches) with potato salad, a pickle, fruit salad, and a chocolate cookie.


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