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Fa La La La Follies

Remember how great they were when performing at the TI Retiree Luncheon in October?  Now we have a chance to enjoy their Fa La La La Follies Christmas program this time at the MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville. These talented, professional singers and dancers are 55 years of age and up -- an inspiration to all ages.  They will perform a traditional Christmas musical journey centering around the Christmas carols we know and love.  And, of course, the audience will let their hair down and sing along with the cast.

Lone Star Park Thoroughbred Racing

TIAA members had so much fun watching the thoroughbred horse races in the past that, by popular demand, we’re going back again!  There is no minimum age for live racing (although children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent) and there is no dress code so wear comfortable clothes.  We will load the bus at 5:00 pm and the first race is at 6:35 pm.

Museum of American Railroads Tour, September, 2015

All aboard!  On September 24, 15 members boarded a bus to visit the Museum of the American Railroad which was at the State Fair of Texas.  North Texas owes its growth and prosperity to the coming of the railroads and they still play a vital role in our society as we learned on our tour.  They have 13 acres in Frisco in which to exhibit 46 historic rail cars with ten Chicago Metra cars coming soon to provide a "Stream-Liner" for educational STEM programs for K-12 classes.

National Weather Forecasting Trip, August, 2015.

On the 19th of August, 26 TIAA members, spouses and guests boarded a luxury coach to the National Weather Service Forecasting Office in Fort Worth for a tour of this vital function. This office is one of 120 in the United States and it covers 46 counties in Texas and three airports.  We learned their staff operates 24/7 to collect data and issue weather bulletins in order to alert us of impending problems.

Movies Set in the Lone Star State

Larry Ratliff has been a professional film critic since 1983 and served as film critic and movie feature writer for the San Antonio Express News newspaper.  He also wrote several lifestyle articles for the Dallas Morning News.  He is now a public speaker, humorist and award winning film critic. Larry has covered the Academy Awards on several occasions for newspapers and for NBC. 

Ham Orchards Visit, July, 2015

Twenty-one TIAA members and guests traveled to Terrell for our annual opportunity to enjoy a BBQ sandwich out in the open air and obtain fresh veggies and fruit right from the grower.  They had more than that in the store, though, with home-made bread, cider, salsa, frozen peach cobblers, etc. so we put coolers on the bus to hold our purchases.  It was a warm, muggy, overcast day which made the ice cream taste better and melt faster!

OKC Trip & Memorial

Yes, this city offers a variety of attractions and entertainment activities that will create an unforgettable visit for TIAA members.  We will spend two nights at the historic Skirvin Hilton Hotel in downtown OKC which was first opened in 1911, was renovated in 2007 and still boasts of the original architecture.  Here are our plans and how to join us:


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