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WILL RESCHEDULE: TX Museum of Broadcasting & Communications

Will reschedule:  Texas Museum of Broadcasting & Communications is an interactive museum preserving America's broadcast history from its earliest days. This is an amazing collection of broadcast paraphernalia with most of the items in working order. Gramophones, a phonograph invented by Edison, and an actual ESPN mobile bus filled with equipment that has filmed many historical events, broadcasting almost anything that moved and is, perhaps, the last surviving example. The owners are very knowledgeable and interesting and will conduct our private tour themselves.  We will climb on a bus at Texins North Campus at 8:30 am, tour the museum at 10:30am, eat lunch (at your own expense) at Chili's Bar & Grill in Kilgore and return about 3:00 pm.  Cost for members is $12 and $14 for non-members. (Orig. 4/28/20

416 E Main St
Kilgore, TX
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