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50th Anniversary of Apollo Landing on the Moon

Former TIers and a guest are invited to attend a free event at the Allen Public Library on Thursday, July 11, to hear a presentation by James Donovan, author of Shoot for the Moon, who has extensively researched the personal, political and scientific backgrounds behind the journey to the moon. During the program, the contributions of TI's technology to the success of the Apollo and other space missions will be recognized. While at the library, we will also have an opportunity to meet Tom Keener, Cultural Arts and Marketing Director for the Allen Library. He is the son of Ron Keener who, for many years, was head of Patent Licensing in TI’s Legal Department.

Mike Collins, Apollo 11 command module pilot, declares, "This is the best book on Apollo that I have read.  Extensively researched and meticulously accurate, it successfully traces not only the technical highlights of the program but the contributions of the extraordinary people who made it possible."

A bus will be provided from the Texins Fitness Center at 5:30 pm and dinner will be provided at the library's  Food for Thought Café at 6:15 pm. The library is located at 300 N Allen Dr., Allen, TX, and parking is available near the library if you prefer to drive. To register for this special event, click here and complete the registration process -- be sure to indicate whether or not you plan to ride the bus!  The library is located at 300 N Allen Dr., Allen, TX and parking is available near the library, if you prefer to drive.