To provide communications, programs, services and activities of interest to TI retirees and former TIers around the world.

2008 TIAA Annual Business Meeting


The TI Alumni Association TIAA Officers elected Ronnie Brandenburg TIAA president at the annual membership meeting May 21 at the Old Red Courthouse in Dallas. Ronnie succeeds Lewis McMahan at the TIAA helm. Other new officers are Tom Boedecker, executive vice president; Ellen McKee, secretary; and Larry James, treasurer.

Lewis recognized the other outgoing elected officers — Francisco Escobar, executive vice president; Janelle Richards, secretary; and Tom Boedecker, treasurer.

About 100 TIAA members and guests attended. They also could tour the restored 1890 courthouse and visit the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture.

John Van Scoter, Texas Instruments senior vice president and general manager of DLP® Products, discussed TI financial objectives and the direction, product-wise, in which TI is going. “We are innovators committed to delivering great solutions that solve our customers problems so they can invent new electronics to make the world smarter, healthier, safer and more fun,” he said. He showed a slide from the 2008 financial analysts meeting that says TI aims to grow revenue faster than its markets, grow earnings per share faster than revenue and use capital efficiently. The speaker described TI-developed DLP® display technology, which uses an optical semiconductor to manipulate light digitally. DLP® technology delivers the best quality image for high-definition TVs; projectors for business, home and education; and large venue and Digital Cinema. DLP® technology is being used in different and innovative ways in medical applications and the oil and gas industry. With the development of very small (Pico) projector modules, TI sees DLP® markets emerging for toys and gaming. The speaker showed a Pico projector module smaller than the palm of a person’s hand.

Lewis said TIAA’s mission is to provide a link between TI and former TI employees that fosters communications, programs, services and activities about and of interest to former TIers around the world. He said, “We want to embrace all former TIers.”  TIAA gained nearly 300 new members in 2007. The current membership is almost 3,000, including spousal members. About 62 percent live within one hour from Dallas. In the last year, TIAA focused on improving communications. Jon Campbell spearheaded redesign of the TIAA newsletter for first-class mailing to get faster delivery. Jon also initiated an email newsletter.

TIAA conducted a survey of former TIers and also did benchmarking with other large U.S. companies that have retiree groups. Survey results show Dallas is the hub of TIAA, but other locations want more attention. Rated the most valuable TIAA offerings are information about what TI is doing, updates about benefits and the newsletter. Lewis said TIAA continues to focus on doing a great job with major annual events – the former-TIer's luncheon, charity golf tournament and annual meeting. Additionally, TIAA is developing new leadership and expanding volunteer activities.

The 2008 TIAA annual meeting photos are now available.