TIAA Officers Elected at the 2023 Annual Meeting, held at the Dallas Museum of Art

Jun 20, 2023

TIAA members and guests were treated to a memorable day at the Dallas Museum of Art on May 25th, thanks in large part to Texas Instruments’ long-term support of the museum. In addition to the museum providing their Founders Room for the event, they also arranged for free parking for attendees.

Shyamal Parikh, TIAA president, welcomed attendees and introduced Mike Beckman, TI’s Director of Investor Relations. Mike provided a highly informative update on the company’s business, and its strategy to maximize long-term growth of cash flow. He highlighted the investments TI is making in wafer fab capacity and the broad diversity of its products and customers. He also reviewed some of the new applications which contain increased TI semiconductor content. Click HERE to see his presentation:

After the TI presentation, the election of officers was held and TIAA members elected the following officers, for the term of service running from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024: President – Shyamal Parikh; Executive VP – Nancy Little; Treasurer – Bob Rifkin; and Secretary – Mary Helmick.

Shyamal Parikh then provided an overview of past TIAA events as well as a summary of some of the planned travel, community volunteering, and education activities for the remainder of the year. He presented the financial status of TIAA and acknowledged the continuing strong support of TI that makes our mission possible.

Shyamal announced that Laura McLaughlin, a recent TI retiree, would be joining the TIAA as VP of Communications. He also highlighted the mission of TIAA and asked for the help of our members as we continue to restart more activities following the COVID shutdown period. For more details on those activities, click HERE to view his presentation:

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