Crossroads Community Service event on March 3, 2020

Mar 11, 2020

Crossroads Community Services (CCS) is now located just off Cockrell Hill Road, in a new and large home.  Here they partner with educational and medical institutions in Dallas County in order to provide more holistic solutions to deeply entrenched social and economic problems by acting as the southern regional hub for North Texas Food Bank and expanding their food distribution program.  On average, a family of four receives 100 pounds of groceries when they visit Crossroads pantry which means CCS distributes 2.25 million pounds of food to approximately 12,000 unduplicated individuals.  This translates into roughly 1,900,000 meals and a market value savings to their clients of $4.6 million each year!  TIAA members and guests have volunteered to help the CCS every year and on March 3, 2020, nine folks boarded a bus about 8:30 am to do just that.  Afterwards, we had lunch at a local restaurant (at our own expense) and arrived back to the Texins Fitness Center around 1:30 pm.