Time’s running out! RSVP for our annual TI Retiree Luncheon

Oct 20, 2022

More than 200 of your former colleagues have RSVP’d for the Nov. 10 TI Retiree Luncheon.  We’re extending the deadline so you have a chance to still join your friends and former coworkers for this annual event.

When: Thursday, Nov. 10, between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm. (Shuttle buses start at 9:30 from Texins Activity Center)
Where: Mesquite Convention Center, 1700 Rodeo Drive, Mesquite, TX, 75149
Price: $15 per person if you RSVP now (or pay $25 at the door) 

Visit with your TI friends and colleagues, enjoy coffee and cookies, and see exhibit booths, and join us for a delicious BBQ chicken or vegetarian plate, which will be served banquet style at a sit-down lunch beginning at 11:30 a.m. 

RSVP by Nov. 1 to receive the $15 per person price!

This year we have a special guest, Tim Kinnard, vice president of TI’s Worldwide Wafer Fab Manufacturing Operations organization spanning teams and sites across the United States, China, Japan and Germany.

The theme of Tim’s presentation is “TI Innovations in Wafer Fabrication,” TI’s strategy in Wafer Fabrication and TI’s progress in construction of leading-edge facilities. Tim has been with TI nearly 30 years and is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University. He’s held a number of roles across our fabs and led several fabs before taking on his role as VP, worldwide wafer fabs, in 2020. 

Before the luncheon, there will be an opportunity to help prepare “cups of cheer” gift bags for health care workers. We encourage you to bring k-cups of cider, cocoa, tea or coffee to include in the kits.

If you plan to attend, register and pay online at https://tialumni.org/calendar/7199

Or download this RSVP form and mail by November 1, 2022.

Note: Your name tag will be issued at the registration desk at the event.
Payments will be deposited as received. No refunds will be given.
For additional information, please call 214-567-8444.

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Jim Adams

Nancy Adams

Randy Ahlfinger

Jamie Alexander

Molly Allen

Tyree Anders

Carl Applewhite

Shirley Applewhite

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Bruce Barlow

Carol Barlow

Brenda Berry

Madonna Bivins

Alton Blair

Scott Boddicker

Gayle Boggan

Tom Bonifeld

Annzelle Boswell

Denise Boydston

Gregory Boydston

Beverly Brown

Bill Bruncke

Carrie Burgess

Nancy Burkett

Milton Buschbom

John Byers

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Bruce Caskey

Sandy Champion

Gail Chandler

Jim Chandler

Shawn Courtright

Liz Crye

Charles Curry

Pat Currin

Jeffrey Currin

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Star Daniels

FM Daniels

Gene Dierschke

Bill Docekal

Barbara Docekal

Richard Dotson

Dorothy Dudley

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JoAnn Foss

Leonard Foster

Susan Foster

Rob Foster

Kathy Foster

Patsy Fuller

Verdie Furgurson

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Annie Garmon

Joe Garziano

Patty Garziano

Lottie Gay

Bob Gebby

Melinda Gebby

Carol Gotsch

Evelyn Gray

H.G. Griffin

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Kathryn Hall

Larry Hall

Jim Hamilton

Mayme Hansen

Lou Ann Hauck

Paul Hauck

Alice Hawkins

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