TIAA visits to the Dallas Zoo

Apr 3, 2023

TIAA took 14 of us to the Dallas Zoo on Tuesday, March 21. Even though it was a little wet, we had a great time and lots of adventure! Even before we got started, the bus caught on fire in the parking lot of the Texins. But 20 minutes later we were on our way on a different bus. We got to see gorillas and elephants and giraffes, oh my! We also got to see many other animals and enjoy the excitement of the kids that were there on field trips.

As we wandered through the various enclosures, we were drawn to the new baby warthog that was only five weeks old. The little creature was absolutely adorable, with a tiny snout and a playful personality that had everyone around it captivated. It was clear that the warthog was the star of the show, and visitors jostled for a glimpse of it as it frolicked around its enclosure. Despite the gloomy weather, the atmosphere at the zoo was electric, with the excitement and wonder of seeing such a beautiful and rare animal up close making the day truly unforgettable.

Of course, no trip would be complete without lunch on the patio and a trip to the gift shop. If we missed you, we hope you’ll join us on our next great adventure in April.