TIAA website updates coming

Nov 17, 2022

Our original plans to launch the new TIAA website platform this month has been delayed. As sometimes happens with an older website we ran into unexpected problems that we are working to resolve. In the meantime this site will continue to be updated and provide you with information on events and other TIAA news. Our hope is that we will be able to move forward with the new site this month but it may take longer.

The new web platform will be easier for us to maintain, display better in smartphones, offer more flexibility to add features, and cost less to operate.

We will have more on the update once we have determined the new transition date.

Here’s a preview image of the new homepage.

The new platform will be streamlined so it is easier to maintain. It will also be mobile friendly so it automatically adjusts to fit on the screen of your computer browser, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, we will have better metrics to see what interests our members and what doesn’t.

The navigation and site pages will be closely aligned with the current site. However, it will make sense in some places to combine similar pages and menu links.

Here are the main changes you will find:

  • The site’s main menu categories have been reduced from 12 to 7, not counting the Home link.
  • We renamed the old TIAA menu category to About TIAA.
  • About TIAA contains the membership information, organization structure, bylaws and committee team information.
  • Site content that is several years old has been moved to archives linked in the menus.
  • The Obituaries and In Memoriam sections have been combined and can be found under the News menu.
  • Discount products have been moved under Health/Financial.
  • Activities/Networking has been changed to Events/Networking.
  • The Events/Networking, Education, Community Involvement and Travel sections all have their own calendar pages.
  • Users will be able to adjust the calendar pages to show events by the day, week, month, or in list, grid or tile views.

Once the new site is launched we will turn our attention to updating old content. Our plan is to continue to grow the site with new features and applications for our members.

If you have website questions please send them to Richard Dotson.