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Jan 31, 2014

Communication with our members is a high priority for TIAA and we consider the TI Alumni News quarterly newsletter to be one of the benefits of TIAA membership. Several years ago, we offered members a "green" newsletter-delivery option, encouraging members to choose electronic instead of postal delivery. This helps the environment and saves printing and mailing costs. Over one-third of our members have chosen electronic delivery and they automatically receive notification when the online newsletter is available.  

The development of our new website last March required the transfer of member records to a new database. Unfortunately, the newsletter-delivery option for some of our members was recorded incorrectly during the transfer. Because members may have changed their preference since March, we cannot simply re-transfer the data and are requesting your help.    

Please take a minute to verify that all of your member profile information is up-to-date, including the newsletter-delivery preference,  by following the procedure below.

  1. At the webpage top-right corner, enter your User ID (your TI employee number without leading zeroes or letters) and Password in the boxes and click the Log In button.
  2. If you are not sure of your Password, click My Account in the upper-right corner, select the Request New Password tab and enter the requested information.
  3. If you have never registered on the website, click Register in the upper-right corner and follow the easy, one-time instructions.
  4. After successfully logging in, click My Account to display your profile data. Scroll down to review your TIAA Member Profile information for accuracy.
  5. If everything is current, that's great. To make changes, click Edit TIAA Member Profile, enter the changes, and click the Save button to keep the changes.

We sincerely appreciate your help in verifying and/or updating your data. If you cannot update your data for any reason, please contact the TIAA office at or 214-567-8444, giving us your name, TI employee number, and any needed changes. Thank you.      

Because we are unable to determine which of our members have opted for electronic delivery, we are mailing copies of the First Quarter 2015 issue to all current TIAA members. If you are a member who prefers to receive copies via postal mail, you must verify that your correct preference is recorded in our database to receive future issues through the mail.


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