Join friends at the Immersive King Tut :: November 3

Oct 27, 2022


Lighthouse ArtSpace Dallas:  100 years ago the boy king’s tomb was discovered. Celebrate the anniversary by venturing into the Valley of the Kings at Immersive King Tut! This ground-breaking experience takes you on a mythical journey through the Egyptian afterlife! As Pharaoh, Tutankhamun is the Sun of his nation. In this immersive experience, you will follow him on his journey through the underworld – will he triumph and bring his people eternal light and prosperity? Immerse yourself! Experience ancient Egypt like never before! Unravel the myths and legends!

We will board the bus at Texins Fitness Center at 11:45 am. We will first go to lunch at the Green Door Public House (at your own expense) then head to the Lighthouse for our 2:00 pm viewing. We should back at the Texins at approximately 4:30 pm. The cost is $30.00 per person. Please register online for this event.

Event Registration Link: Event Registration Page

When: Thursday, November 3, 2022 – 11:30am

Where: Lighthouse ArtSpace Dallas

Price: $30 per person



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