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TIAA-UTD Seminar, May 21, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 1:00pm
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There were 40 participants in the Joint Seminar held on May 21 on UT Dallas Campus. About half of the attendees were from TIAA and half were members of the UT Dallas Retiree Association. Susan Rogers, recently named Vice President for Advancement for UT Dallas, thanked TI and the TI Alumni Association for their support and encouraged all of us to let our communities know about the good things that are happening on the campus. The featured speaker, Dr. Robert Rennaker, Director of the Texas Biomedical Device Center, and Behavioral & Brain Sciences, updated the group on the progress being made at UT Dallas. He credited TI as the reason the 2-½ year old center exists. He highlighted several programs where field trials are under way which show how the brain can be retrained using targeted plasticity coupled with rehab to help offset the effect of some brain disorders. He demonstrated some of the biomedical devices which are under development, such as visual measurement devices which can quickly test eyes for signs of concussion or stokes. As a former Marine, Dr. Rennaker has a passion for dealing with wounded warrior trauma. One of his focus areas is technology to help rehabilitate service members with brain disorder injuries.