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TIAA Leadership Team Extends Free Membership Program

At its January 2021 meeting (held via Zoom), the TIAA Leadership Team approved extension of the free membership program first announced at the 2020 TIAA Annual Membership Meeting. The action is being taken due to the extended curtailment of normal TIAA member activities as a result of COVID. The team remains hopeful that health guidelines will allow the resumption of “live” activities sometime in the second half of this year.


Under this program, TIAA will add one year to the expiration date of all current members. Also, any former TIer or spouse of a former TIer signing up as a first-time member in 2021 will receive a free bonus year. That means instead of the normal “first year free”, they will receive two years of free membership.


New members may sign-up online at . If you encounter difficulties, please call 214-567-8444 or email us at