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TIAA and the Dallas Ramps build a ramp in Garland.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 9:00am
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Community Involvement

Wendy Marsden worked for Raytheon for 11 years (and for Alcatel prior to that). She has been bed-ridden and wheelchair bound for some time which means she has difficulty coming and going from her home. A friend had built a platform by her door threshold and an unsafe (but usable) ramp to the sidewalk. On Tuesday, April 24th, TIAA along with Dallas Ramps met at her home in Garland to remove the steep ramp and replace it with a 12-foot wooden ramp. Wendy now can safely navigate her porch and sidewalk in her power chair without assistance and without the danger of tipping over which means public transportation is now within her reach.  Two Dallas Ramp leaders along with five TIAA volunteers gathered at Wendy’s home about 9 am and completed the ramp by noon. Her caretaker, Serena, was more than impressed with how fast we completed the ramp and it’s quality. This is another instance where the work of one morning has changed a family’s life so quickly. As a side note, Mike Schwartz, a TIAA member from Glendale, AZ was traveling through Dallas on his way to Shreveport for a high school reunion so he joined our group for the morning.