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Readers2Leaders Volunteer Event – 11/14/2017

On the morning of November 14, five TIAA volunteers gathered to work a service project for Readers2Leaders located in west Dallas. Readers2Leaders develops and grows the reading skills of underserved Dallas children ages 3 through 12 so that they succeed in school and graduate prepared to live productive lives. Their programs include after school reading tutorials, help on homework and hands-on activities.  Also, a summer camp is offered to improve young children’s reading skills and to experience fun field trips to keep them active when school is not in session. The organization also offers a community library, story time on Thursdays, and a parent’s workshop at locations throughout west Dallas.

Our assigned task during our volunteer session was to stuff over 550 envelopes with their annual fund raising promotional literature. We formed an assembly line to fold literature, fill the envelope, attach a stamp, and seal the envelopes ready for delivery to the Post Office. Our hosts, Audrey White, Hannah Cauley, and Cynthia Medina were thrilled that we finished our task in just four hours and they thanked us many times over for our services. We trust that the fund drive will be successful and their financial needs for another year will be met. 

Readers2Leaders would be happy to hear from TIAA members for individual volunteer sessions with their children and/or financial assistance. You may contact them at for more information.