To provide communications, programs, services and activities of interest to TI retirees and former TIers around the world.

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Member Communications

The Communications Committee tries to maximize the effectiveness of TIAA’s communications to TI Alumni. The principal means of mass communication are this website, the monthly electronic eNews, the monthly electronic eCalendar, the monthly printed News and unscheduled single-topic eNotes and eLetters.

The electronic newsletter, eNews, is published the 1st of each month.  You can view prior eNews editions by year here.

The email calendar, eCalendar, is published the 15th of each month and covers events for the next two months. Because of its transitory nature, this publication is not archived but you can view the latest eCalendar by clicking here.

Our electronic special notices, eNotes and eLetters, are published occasionally as needed. Those publications are archived here.

The printed newsletter, TI Alumni News, is now published monthly by the 10th of each month. You can view prior newsletters by year here.

The Communications Committee communicates electronically and does not hold regularly scheduled meetings.  Alumni with comments or possible contributions to our publications should send their ideas or suggestions to

Currently, the members of this committee are:

  • Marilyn Adams, eNews and News Editor
  • Dot Adler, Newsletter Editor Emeritus
  • Ronnie Brandenburg, Contributor
  • Jerry Brandenburg, Photographer
  • Jon Campbell, Chair, Website News Editor
  • Larry James, Contributor
  • Linda Stopani, Co-Chair, eCalendar Editor, Photographer