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Ford Center (The STAR) tour in Frisco, TX

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 10:30am to 2:30pm
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Not even 3" of rain and an Arctic cold front kept 17 curious Dallas Cowboy's fans (and one Philadelphia Eagle fan) from enjoying a 90-minute walking VIP tour of this state-of-the-art athletic facility where 'The Boys' train and work.  We saw the three football fields (one outside with natural turf, one outside with artificial grass and a white spot for Jerry Jones' helicopter and one indoor just outside their training room.)  One field goal on each field is smaller than normal so the punter can practice at a smaller object than will be at a regular game.  We also did the Nike Star Walk featuring the team's historical highlights but did not visit the 12,000 seat indoor arena since it was in use.  We saw the Super Bowl Station which shows memorabilia from all five Super Bowl championships (yes, each ring is larger and brighter than the prior one) and sat in their Media Room which has stations for each of the five, major TV networks. We watched some man exercise at their huge gym (did you know they use logging chains in a work out?) and saw where they track who and how long each player uses the facility.  The 19,200 blinking, white LED lights in the Grand Atrium is named "Volume Frisco" and is most impressive -- per our guide no display ever repeats itself.  We finished the tour with lunch at Appleby's where we could sit down, relax and socialize with each other.