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John Bunker Sands Wetlands tour

John Bunker Sands Wetland Center Tour, Seagoville, Wednesday, September 12.   This Wetland Center is one of the largest, constructed wetlands in the United States and is located along the banks of the East Fork of the Trinity River.  It was dedicated as a wetland mitigation bank in honor of the late John Bunker Sands (1948-2003) and provides facilities to further our understanding of the area's water supply challenges and the importance of habitat conservation.  We will leave TI in a bus at 9:30 am, enjoy a private tour of the wetlands center, saunter along the nice, secure boardwalks which

Texas Musicians Museum, Irving

Attention all  music fans, young and old alike! Let’s go view thousands of fascinating artifacts and music memorabilia from legends such as Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, Selena and ZZ Top and wonder at a striking, 50-foot long wooden guitar from an Eric Clapton concert at Dallas’ Fair Park that is hanging from the ceiling.  We will leave on a bus at 10:30 am to visit the museum, eat at Di Rosani's Italian Restaurant in Irving and return about 2:30 pm.  Cost will be $12 for members and $14 for nonmembers.

British Flying Training School Museum and Buc-ee's, Terrell

During World War II thousands of British, Royal Air Force and American Army pilots earned their wings at six civilian training schools in the United States -- the first and largest of the schools being in Terrell, TX, between 1941-1945.  Let’s go visit this little known chapter of WWII history and see hundreds of historical items, WWII memorabilia and uniforms.

New Parkland Hospital Tour

The name Parkland derived from the land on which the first hospital (this is the third one) was built, originally purchased by Dallas as a park. The new Parkland Hospital is 17 stories high, cost $1.3 billion and served over one million patients last year so let’s get a first-hand view of the campus where great things happen every day. They do not offer public tours but TIAA has arranged for a private tour thanks to our Treasurer, Kate Newman.

Fair Park Tram Tour

Experience Fair Park the easy way with a guided tour from a motorized, covered tram (weather permitting). Fair Park is one of the Dallas gems so let’s learn about the grand history of this 277-acre premier park from our guide, Craig Holcomb, President of Friends of Fair Park.

Snow House Moving Museum, Fort Worth

When it comes to weird, Texas has some serious bragging rights so let’s go visit one of them.  H. D. Snow learned the business of house moving early by working at his father’s company starting at the age of 12. When Snow started his own business in the 1960s, he began traveling the country, trading tips with others movers; and, along the way, he discovered that third, fourth, and fifth generation movers weren’t interested in the family business.

Ford Center (Cowboys-Star) Tour, Frisco, TX

Let’s take a  VIP tour of this state-of-the-art, 91-acre indoor athletic facility which is home to the Dallas Cowboys Football Operations and gives Cowboys fans a chance to experience the place where ‘The Boys’ train and work 355 days of the year.  Among other things this guided tour of the new Ford Center visits the War Room (think NFL draft), the Nike Star Walk (featuring the history of the Cowboys), the Super Bowl Station (which contains memorabilia of all five Super Bowl championships) and the Grand Atrium, with its  impressive Italian sculpture titled “Volume Frisco".

Dallas Emergency Response Trip, August 2016

TIAA arranged for members to go to the Dallas Emergency Response Center on August 25 via a DART bus. There were 23 of us who descended to the sub-basement of the Dallas City Hall to experience a private tour by one of Dallas' Certified Emergency Manager Specialists.  Whether it’s a tornado, flood, levee breech, hazardous chemical incident, terrorist activity or pandemic, the city has a plan for it and is prepared to act.

Dallas Blooms/Cherry Blossom Festival, Dallas Arboretum

While the displays in North Texas are not as grand in scale as the 3,000 Yoshino cherry trees on Washington, D.C.’s  National Mall, they are a lot closer!  Each North Texas spring they foam with awe-inspiring pink and white blooms at the Dallas Arboretum which is ranked one of the top ten best botanical gardens in the United States by USA Today.  Cherry trees are one of the most beautiful flowering trees covered with puffs of pinkish cotton candy, but their blossoms only last about 10 days (that’s assuming we do not get a torrential, hail storm, a sudden freeze or a heat wave.)  There are o


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