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Readers 2 Leaders

Readers 2 Leaders goal is to develop and grow the reading skills of children, age 3-10, in West Dallas.  Programs include Reading Buddies, After-School Tutors and Saturday Storytime.  Please join us at the Texins Fitness Center to board a Senior Source bus at 8:30 am. Volunteers will fill envelopes with annual fund drive literature. The fund drive letters then are mailed to all Readers2Leader’s donors to solicit funds for their 2021-22 budget.  Our assistance in filling hundreds of envelopes for the fund drive is instrumental in the organization’s success.Work is not overly strenuous and can be considered light duty effort.  Afterwards, we will have lunch at a local restaurant (at our own expense) and arrive back to the Texins Fitness Center around 1:30 pm.  Please register online for this event. We need all to register in order to have sufficient transportation for all.

Please note that Covid-19 protocol will be required on the bus and at the volunteer venue (normal temperature range, wear a mask, sanitize hands, socially distance as able, etc.).  Most venues require volunteers to sign forms attesting to Covid-19 free symptoms.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 8:30am
2800 N Hampton Rd #120
75212 Dallas, TX
Tentative Event: