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SMU Mock Trial

SMU Dedman School of Law – Florence Hall; 3330 University Dr., on the SMU campus located near Hillcrest and Daniel Ave.

The SMU Dedman School of Law provides the “NITA Trial Program Dallas” seminar during June of each year for practicing lawyers across the Nation. This seminar allows lawyers the opportunity to practice court presentation skills in front of volunteers who serve as jury members.  

Please plan to park using your private vehicle in the free parking lot at Hillcrest and Daniel Ave and meet by 8:00 am at Florence Hall on June 07, 2017 (a Senior Source van will not be available for this event’s transportation).  Volunteers act as jurors and provide valuable feedback to the lawyers attending this annual seminar allowing them to hone their skills.  Volunteers will be provided breakfast and lunch and will be paid $10 for their time.  The NITA staff also could use volunteer jurors on June 08 and participants may serve both days to see how different lawyers present their case. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 8:00am
SMU Dedman School of Law – Florence Hall
3330 University Dr
Dallas, TX
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