To provide communications, programs, services, and activities of interest to TI and former TIers around the world.


TIAA sponsors many activities for our members and former TIers.

TI has a long-standing tradition of support and involvement in communities, local governments, business and civic associations where TI has a presence. Tech Smart Big Heart represents TI's heart and soul. "Big Heart" is an acknowledgement that success means responsibility — to our families, our communities — and to each other. Many of the TSBH events are open to TIAA members.  In addition the Activities Committee's goal is to make it fun to be part of TIAA, to welcome new members and gather new ideas for improving the Association. The Activities Committee, in partnership with appropriate Texins and Texas Instruments staff, is responsible for volunteer community activities, travel events, golf tournaments, TIAA annual business meetings and other social functions of the Association.  It  coordinates the TI Retiree Luncheon for TI in the fall as well as the On My Own Time art show in the summer.  It acts as a reception committee at all events which it arranges such as:

  • Offering community involvement to sort clothes, sack up groceries, plant community gardens, support Veteran groups, visit nursing homes, etc.
  • Arranging for On-My-Own-Time (OMOT) art shows to exhibit our various talents.
  • Hosting TI's Annual Retiree Luncheon to receive health care, explore non-profit organizations, socialize with your friends, and hear an update on TI’s business by a TI speaker.
  • Scheduling travel opportunities to museums, sporting events, animal sanctuaries, plays, musical performances, etc.
  • Setting up the TIAA Annual Meeting to elect officers, and selecting interesting and fun locations to visit for the meeting, such as The Arboretum, etc.
  • Conducting the annual TIAA golf tournament to benefit non-profits, such as The Senior Source and JDRF.
  • Acting as a network for other TI alumni groups by reporting schedules and contacts.

Currently, the Activities Committee is composed of these members:

  • Marilyn Adams
  • Dot Adler
  • Greg Boydston
  • Jerry Brandenburg
  • Ronnie Brandenburg
  • Jon Campbell
  • Verdie Furguson
  • Ed Hassler
  • Roberta Hill
  • Larry James
  • Courtney Miller
  • Max Post (Chair)
  • Peggy Ripple
  • Kate Rose
  • Jessica Stewart
  • Barbara Taylor
  • Gary Stopani
  • Linda Stopani

This committee normally meets on the third Thursday of every month at 11:00 am. and you are invited to become a member of the Activities Committee to help plan future events.

TIAA members and their guests are welcome to participate in any or all of these activities but please register at least seven days prior to the event. To register online and receive an electronic acknowledgement, first logon to this website, click on Activities Calendar, select the event you wish to join, click on Event Registration Page, click on Register Now and fill in the blanks.  Or, you may contact the TIAA office via email or phone 214-567-8444.