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2016 TIAA Annual Business Meeting

More than 80 TIAA members, spouses and guests were in attendance for the 17th Annual Business Meeting of the TI Alumni Association, held May 26, at TI’s RFAB in Richardson. President Larry James, called the meeting to order and gave an update of all the activities over the past fiscal year. He noted that there were currently more than 1,500 TIAA members, with 51% being life-time members. Since its last annual meeting, the TIAA Community Involvement Team has volunteered for 14 community projects; the Travel Team has provided 20 opportunities to explore and enjoy the adventure of travel; and five Educational Seminars have been organized and presented for retirees, former TIers and guests.

Larry thanked those in attendance for their participation this past year and encouraged all to get involved and help us invite other retirees and former TIers to join the association. Following his presentation, Larry called for the report of the Nominating Committee and the following were recommended as officers for the term July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017: Gary Stopani, President; Greg Boydston, Executive Vice President; Kate Newman, Treasurer; and Dorothy McAllister, Secretary. All were elected unanimously.

Following the election of the officers, Terri Grosh, TI’s Worldwide Employee Engagement Manager, made a special presentation to Larry James, who has served the TIAA for two terms. She acknowledged his leadership in strengthening TIAA’s community involvement, while making a major transition in its systems and thanked him for making TIAA stronger and more effective in serving the needs of retirees and former TIers.

Tom Weichel, Manager of RFAB and DMOS6, then gave an overview of the importance of RFAB and its contribution to TI. He also included some highlights of TI’s recent First Quarter 2016 report, which showed that analog and embedded processing now make up 87% of TI’s revenues. Following his presentation, Tom and his associates led the group on a guided tour of RFAB, the most advanced analog manufacturing plant in the world, which was a big hit with the TIAA members. We were amazed to see the progress and degree of automation in RFAB, compared with the early days of wafer fabrication.

TIAA President's Presentation

RFAB Presentation

Pictures from the 2016 Annual Business Meeting