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2011 TI Retiree Luncheon


When the TI Retiree Luncheon doors opened to the banquet hall Nov. 9, attendees were greeted by a rousing march from the 65-member New Resources Band. About 700 retirees, guests and volunteers working in the event enjoyed the exhibits, luncheon and program at the Mesquite Convention Center.

Art George, TI senior vice president, gave an update on TI’s operations and highlighted growth in analog semiconductors, now the largest part of the company’s business. Art is a 27-year TI veteran and is now responsible for Analog Engineering Operations.

TIAA President Betty Purkey began the program with a moment of silence in honor of retirees and former TIers who died since last year’s luncheon. A slide presentation prepared by Ronnie Brandenburg gave information on 348 individuals. The New Resources Band provided appropriate music during this segment of the program.

Betty then asked veterans to stand and be recognized as the band played the appropriate march for their branch of service.

“Art & Technology” was the theme for the event. The TIAA decorating team provided centerpieces in keeping with the theme – incorporating small images of art prepared by active TIers and retirees for the annual On My Own Time (OMOT) Art Competition.

Several local art institutions and organizations had booths in the convention hall, including the Dallas Museum of Art, the Meadows Museum and the Texins Art Club. At the University of Texas at Dallas booth, retirees were shown architect’s drawings of the new Arts & Technology building, which is under construction on the campus.

TIAA cookbooks, prepared as a fundraiser for the United Way, were available at the luncheon for a $10 donation. About $2,000 was raised at the event. Since then, another $1,500 has been received through mail orders and donations from active TIers at Forest Lane, the SC Building and the Spring Creek site and the Texins Activity Center. In total, the TIAA cookbook has raised more than $3,500 for the United Way. A limited supply of cookbooks is still available by sending an email to the TIAA office.  

About 80% of those registered completed the luncheon survey forms and were eligible for the drawing for door prizes. Based on the survey results, the overall impression of the event was positive – 96% said they liked the event and 98% said they would return to Mesquite Convention Center next year. Several commented that they would like more quiet time to visit at lunch. No date or location has been set for next year, but a team from the Activities Committee will be working in the early part of the year to work out the details for the 2012 luncheon. They will use written comments from the survey results to make it an even better program next year. There were also many suggestions in written comments for future travel events, educational seminars, and volunteer service, which will be helpful to TIAA committees.

In her comments, Betty Purkey, thanked all the volunteers who had worked to make the luncheon a success, including several active TIers and retirees. A special word of recognition was given to Jessica Stewart, TIAA administrator, for all her effort in registration and planning for the event. During the program, Betty also recognized the volunteer work of Linda Smittle and presented her with the TIAA Volunteer of the Year award.

2011 Retiree Luncheon photos.