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2010 OMOT Art Show


TIAA coordinated the On My Own Time (OMOT) Art Exhibit this year for the first time.  And, for the first time in many years, the art was exhibited at the Dallas Texins Activity Center on the Expressway Site.  The exhibit took place from August 1 through 13.  A total of 70 TI employee and retirees submitted 96 pieces of art.  A panel of outside judges determined the category winners while TI employees and retirees voted to select the People's Choice Award either at the exhibit or online.

The first-place People's Choice Award and Best of Show pieces appeared in a city-wide exhibition at North Park Center September 19 through October 2.  "Like the Back of My Own Hand", an enhanced photo by Dennis Fritsche, won the Best of Show award.  The People's Choice award went to Chaitanya Muralidhara for her "June Foliage Shawl".

Winners in the amateur category were:

  • "Desert Bloom" by Julie Leven, B&W Photo;
  • "Morning Owl" by Annette Aguilar, Color Photo; 
  • "Turned Wood Segmented Bowl" by Walter Purkey, Craft & Mixed Media;
  • "Trinity Church Solarized" by Sharon Dietz, Enhanced Photo & Computer Art;
  • "Pain in the Neck" by Leslie Ray, Fiber Art;
  • "Trans-mission (Michelle)" by Brent Herling, Sculpture;
  • "Ladies at the Bar" by Ted Houston, Works on Canvas; and
  • "Sliding Rock" by Martha Carlo, Works on Paper.

Winners in the professional category were:

  • "Desert Serenity" by Anthony Bridges, B&W Photo;
  • "Burano, Italy" by Bill Carter, Color Photo;
  • "Love Knots & Bubble Gum" by Syd Coppersmith, Jewelry;
  • "Vessel of Fire" by John Tellkamp, Sculpture;
  • "On My Own" by Radharani Chatterjee, Works on Canvas; and
  • "L.C. Canhamiana" by Charles Hess, Works on Paper.


2010 OMOT Art Show photos