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2008 TI Retiree Luncheon


The November 18 luncheon at the Mesquite Convention Center brought together about 850 former TIers, spouses, TI volunteers and exhibitors. Almost all the 617 attendees who turned in survey cards indicated they liked the event. The Levee Singers Dixieland band was a big hit; so was the sit-down meal which was offered instead of the buffet line featured in past years. Several people told how much they enjoyed being served their lunch. One said, “I have a hard time walking, much less getting a salad, the entree, a dessert and drink and then managing to get to a table.”

The annual event enabled former TIers to chat with their friends and colleagues, celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey dinner, get flu and/or pneumonia shots, and take medical screening tests. In the exhibit area, they could visit 33 booths of nonprofit organizations and Legend Sponsors —major sponsors for the 2008 TIAA Charity Golf Tournament benefiting The Senior Source.

Lewis McMahan, event chairman and immediate past TI Alumni Association president, welcomed the luncheon guests. He said, “This event is a gift from TI to retirees and former TIers.”  Max Post, the first TIAA president, gave the invocation. Ronnie Brandenburg, current TIAA president, thanked TI for underwriting the luncheon and recognized the TIAA team who coordinated the luncheon and the TI volunteers who helped with the event. Ronnie specifically cited Jessica Stewart, TIAA administrator, and Crystalyn Roberts, TI liaison to TIAA. Crystalyn was the official photographer. The TIAA and TI volunteers wore special maroon T-shirts designed by Dolores Runyon.

Ronnie said the Levee Singers ”took us back down memory lane” to the 1960s. She recalled going to The Levee on Mockingbird Lane during the time she and husband, Jerry, were raising kids and going to school. “Those were the good old days,”Ronnie said.

Mark Denissen, TI Vice President, Worldwide Strategic Marketing, talked on “Innovating for Impact.” He discussed growth areas in TI, “making the world smarter, healthier,safer, greener and more fun.” 

A special display from the TI archives commemorated Jack Kilby’s invention of the integrated circuit. He successfully demonstrated the IC prototype at TI on Sept. 12, 1958. Ed Millis autographed copies of his book, "JackSt.ClairKilby: A Man of Few Words".

The TI artifacts also included the operating console of the TIAC 827 digital seismic computer that GSI used in its United Kingdom data processing center.

TIAA event committee members were Dot Adler, Byron Ahlburn, Tom Boedecker, Jerry Brandenburg, Ronnie Brandenburg, John Byers, Jon Campbell, Hector Cardenas, Leroy Foster, Verdie Furgurson, Ed Hassler, Ida Hassler, Roberta Hill, Larry James, Ruth Lee, Ronda McCauley, Ellen McKee, Lewis McMahan, Hugh Myers, Dave Noble, Delores Osnik, Max Post, Georgene Rich, Janelle Richards, Peggy Ripple, Jimmie Roberts, Richard Robinson, Kate Rose, Dolores Runyon, Bill Stearns, Jessica Stewart, Phyllis Turlington, and Bies Van Besian.

The TI event committee volunteers were C. Clemmons, Mary Fidel, Molly Gaither, Callie Kent, Donna Kuchinski, Cindy Mahana, The Levee Singers — Ed Burnett, Ralph Sanford, Ralph Lindsey and Dick Burnett – were a big hit with the audience.

Attendees who completed the survey form had a chance to win prizes in the drawing at the end of the program. The winners and their prizes were: Carolyn Kolb, Virginia Bandy, and Bob Whitley.  Jerry Martin, $50 Walmart gift card; Ann Leverette. Premium tickets for a Dallas Stars hockey game; and Cliff Cox, premium tickets for a Dallas Mavericks basketball game.

Pictures from the event may be seen here.