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1999 Texas Instruments Retiree Luncheon

Thursday, September 30, 1999 - 9:15am
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TI retirees and their spouses flocked to the Plano Centre Sept. 30 for a Fair time. This year’s Big Event, themed “A County Fair,” drew an estimated 2,000 attendees and offered everything from a carnival midway to such county fair staples as cotton candy and hot popcorn.  More than 32 exhibitors, ranging from AARP to the SPCA to Dallas Community College, kept fair-goers busy at their booths. There were also plenty of fun and games on hand. “The number one priority of our planning team was for retirees to have fun,” says Max Post, chairman of the Steering Team. “I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and I think everyone else did. It was great to visit with friends who have retired, and also we enjoyed visiting with all the TIers who took time to be with us and the TI volunteers who helped throughout the day.”